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KN95 Particulate Respirator  Earloop I Exposed nose clip

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Product Parameters

Product name: KN95 Particulate Respirator 
                        Earloop I Exposed nose clip 



Color: White

Product features: Folded type without exhalation valve

Packing specification: 10 pcs./bog , 100 bag/carton 

Core material: Electrostatic electret melt-blown non-woven fabric

Core parameter: Non-oily particulate filtration efficiency ≥95%

Criteria met: GB2626-2006 KN95


BUQISHAN KN95 ( Earloop I Exposed nose clip )


Appearance: 3D three-dimensional design, easy to carry, suitable   for all kinds of faces, good adhesion. It is not easy to deform when worn,   close to the mouth and nose, and more breathing space.

The mask body adopts a   fully automatic pressureless production process, which does not destroy the   original performance of the filter material, improves the filtering   efficiency of the mask and reduces the respiratory resistance

The shapeable nose clip can adjust the tightness of the mask and   the nose at any time, adapt to the shape of various nose bridges, and prevent   the leakage of the nose bridge position.

The elastic wide ear straps have good elasticity and are   comfortable to wear.

Product   usage

Indstrial   site: It can be used to protect various types of dust and non-oiliness   generated during construction, mining, foundry, wood, cotton, flour   processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, material processing and grinding   operations, and the concentration value does not exceed the occupational   exposure limit fog.

Living place

smog (PM2.5), exhaust,   dust, flu

Protection   level



inner   package   10 pcs per bag

outer   package: 1000 pcs per carton

Carton   size   55*45*875px

Weight 6.7kg per carton

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