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Disposable Protective Mask

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Product Parameters

Product name: Disposable protective mask - classic



Color: Color optional (Blue and White)

Packing specification: 50 pcs./box,60 boxes/carton 

Size: 17.5X237.5px (Deviation ±5%, folded)

Core material: Electrostatic electret melt-blown non-woven fabric

Core parameter: Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥99%

                           Particle filtration efficiency ≥ 92%    



Pro-soft   non-woven material, better breathability, more comfortable to wear.

The   shapeable nose clip can adjust the tightness of the mask and the nose at any   time, adapt to the shape of various nose bridges, and prevent the leakage of   the nose bridge position.

Elastic   ear straps, good elasticity, comfortable to wear.

Disposable   products are disposable and maintenance-free, and are not recommended for   repeated use.

Product   usage

It   is suitable for the protection of food processing, sanitation, medical   beauty, dust, pollen, bacteria, automobile exhaust, etc.

Protection   level

GB/T   32610-2016


Inner   package 50   pcs per box

Outer   package: 3000 pcs per carton

Carton   size   52*41*1425px

Weight 13.8kg per   carton

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